Note: This article applies to MSPs and other usecure distribution partners. If you are a direct customer, head back to the Help Centre to find relevant guides.

When you first set up your usecure account, you will want to configure the platform settings to fit your needs and then start onboarding your first clients.

STEP 1: Set up default settings for your customers

Setting up the default customer settings will save you from having to adjust settings individually for every customer. Changing the default customer settings only affects new customers, which is why you will want to adjust them before you start onboarding.

STEP 2: Add your billing information

You will want to enter your billing information in the payment settings before adding your first customer to the platform. 

STEP 3: Onboard your first customer

It's now time to start onboarding your clients. On the usecure platform, adding and managing your customers is done through the uService portal, which you can find on the top menu bar within the usecure app. 

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