Some policies within your organisation will only apply to specific roles or departments, whereas others will apply across the whole business.

uPolicy allows you to set specific policies compulsory - ensuring that they are automatically sent to every member of your organisation for signing.

If you wish to send out a policy to specific users instead, read this article: Sending out policies to your users

What are compulsory policies?

Compulsory policies are policies that you deem essential to your organisation, and require every one of your employees to sign. For example, an Acceptable Use policy that sets out rules on the use of computers within a business is a common compulsory policy, as in many businesses every employee will have to use a computer at some point to perform their role. 

In uPolicy, policies that are set as compulsory are automatically sent out to every end user on your app, helping to ensure that all of your employees sign them. 

How to make a policy compulsory?

1. Find the View Policies page in uPolicy. 

2. Click the option button next to your chosen policy, and then click Make Policy Compulsory in the drop-down menu.

3. A confirmation box will appear to ensure you want to send this policy out to all users. Click Yes.

4. The policy will now automatically be sent out to all users!

How to remove a policy from being compulsory

To make a policy non-compulsory, follow the steps above (for making a policy compulsory). The option to make the policy compulsory will change to an option to delete it from compulsory policies on policies that are already compulsory.

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