Note: This article applies to MSPs and other usecure distribution partners. If you are a direct customer, head back to the Help Centre to find relevant guides.

As a Managed Service Provider, you will want to change platform and theme settings to fit your clients' needs. You can do this for all your customers at once, or adjust setting for specific customers individually. Here's how.

Changing default settings for new customers

The Default Customer Settings allow you to set default settings that will apply to every new customer that you add to the platform. Using these settings will greatly reduce the time it takes to get a new customer up and running. 

You can find the Default Customer Settings on the settings page in your own usecure app (

Changing the Default Customer Settings will only affect new customers you add to the app - it will not affect existing customers. This is why you will want to ensure you have checked and adjusted these settings before adding your first customer. 

Changing settings for existing customers

To change platform settings for existing customers, you will need to log in to their app. You can do this using the Admin Login button in uService.

You will then need to find the settings page through the settings cog in the top menu. Any settings you change will apply only to the customer whose app you are logged into.

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