Note: This article applies to MSPs and other usecure distribution partners. If you are a direct customer, head back to the Help Centre to find relevant guides.

On the usecure app, your customers will all be divided into their separate apps. This is for security reasons as well as to make reporting, course enrolment and phishing more streamlined for each individual company. 

While your customers each have their own apps, managing them is easy with uService. As an MSP you will log into your own usecure app, where you will be able to manage and access your customers' apps through the uService portal.

In uService, you will see all of your customers listed along with details including the number of active end users and whether automatic course enrolment is turned on or off.

Editing Customers

To edit customers, use the Edit button. This will let you change settings like the maximum number of end users, or upload a custom theme for the customer's app.

Accessing customers' apps

To access a customer's app, click the Admin Login button next to the customer.

Importing your end users

You will need to access your customers' apps to upload their end users onto usecure. Using the Admin Login button, open the customer's app whose end users you wish to upload. Then follow the article below:

Enrolling end users on courses

To enrol end users on courses, you will need to first log in to the customer's app using the Admin Login button as outlined above. You can then follow the article below to enrol users on courses:

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Sending out phishing simulations to end users

Phishing simulations are managed from customer apps for each customer individually. Log in to the customer's app using the Admin Login button in uService, and then follow the article below :

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