Note: This article applies to MSPs and other usecure distribution partners. If you are a direct customer, head back to the Help Centre to find relevant guides.

This article will show you how to start onboarding your customers on the usecure app.

Creating a new customer on the usecure app

First, find uService through the top menu bar.

Click the Create Customer button on the top right above the customer list.

This will open the Create Customer window. You will need to go through the tabs in this window to add in all the details of your new customer.

Step 1 - Details

You will need to give your customer's account a name in this tab. This will normally be the name of the company, but can be whatever you choose.

(Optional) Step 2 - Admin User

On the second tab, you may add an administrator for the customer's app. This is useful if you want to give the customer access to the usecure platform to view reports, build custom courses or manage policies. You can always add admin users later, so it is not necessary to do so now. 

If you will be managing the platform for the customer on their behalf, you can simply access the customer account through your uService portal and don't need to add any admin users to the customer's account.

Step 3 - Plan

In the third tab, you will be able to set the details of the customer's subscription plan.

  • Free Trial - Turn this on if you wish to give the customer a free trial.
  • Domain Lock - By default, only users with the same email domain as the admin can be added onto the app. Turn this setting off to enable users with any email domain to be added.
  • Domain - If Domain Lock is enabled, you will have to specify the domain that is allowed for user email addresses on the platform. (For example, if you only want users with the email domain to be allowed, type in
  • Max People - Use this setting to set a limit to the number of users that can be added to the app. 

Step 4 - Features

In this tab you will be able to select which usecure products are available on the customer's app.

Step 5 - uLearn

In the uLearn tab you can create custom uLearn branding for the customer. End users will see this branding in their uLearn courses.

Step 6 - Theme

In the final tab, you will be able to set branding for the customer app itself. This is what anyone logging in as an admin on the customer app will see. 

Creating your new customer

Finally, click the Create Customer button to finish adding your customer to the usecure app!

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