Creating a phishing simulation using the uPhish template library

Creating and sending your phishing simulation is quick and simple. Here's how to launch a uPhish campaign in five simple steps:

  1. Choosing your theme
  2. Choosing your email
  3. Configuring your simulation
  4. Selecting recipients & scheduling your simulation


Getting started

To get started with creating your phishing campaign, simply sign into your usecure portal > hover over the 'uPhish' tab within the navigation bar > then select 'Create Simulation'.

Step One - Choosing your theme

From here, you can select the theme of your phishing email and landing page.

You'll have a range of themes to choose from, including banking, web browsers, shopping and more.

Step Two - Choosing your email

Some of the themes within your uPhish template library come with a number of emails that differ in subject line, copy and intent.

Once you've had chance to review them, simply select your desired email from your

Step Three - Configure your simulation

Now you're able to configure your simulation by editing the following:

  • Simulation name
  • Subject line
  • Sender & sender domain
  • Landing domain

You'll also be able to quality check your campaign with the 'send test email' option at the bottom of the page.

Step Four - Selecting recipients & scheduling your simulation

In this final step, you're able to select your recipients and choose the send date/ time of your simulation.


  • Selecting recipients - Using the two drop-down menus under 'select recipients', you can choose from individual recipients or your pre-made groups (e.g., HR Staff)
  • Staggered email send - To avoid a high number of users receiving your simulation at the same time, you'll have the option to select how many hours your email will distributed over.

Now you can select 'Create Simulation' to deploy your campaign.

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